ENDO TRI Stapler

Exceptional Staple Formation And Tissue Compression

A newly-designed stronger anvil and variable height staples provide varied and better tissue compression to different areas of the tissue, applying maximum tissue compression closest to the cut line for best hemostatic effect and lessing compression further away from the tissue for better blow flow and enhanced healing.

Covers A Broader Tissue Spectrum

The variable staple height and increased tissue compression enhance and provide exceptional staple formation over broader range of tissue thickness.

Simpler Reload Selection and Reduced Inventory

Each Endo AFT covers a wide range of tissue thickness, simplifying the reload selection process, and since each reload can cover the range of two traditional reloads, hospitals can carry reloads and reduce their inventory.

Regular Height Reload
Smart Height Reload
Endo AFT Specifications
Product Code Color Code Staple Height Staple Line Length Trocar Size Staple Rows Packaging
ENDO AFT 45TNR TAN 2/2.5/3mm 45 mm 12mm 6 rows 6/BOX
ENDO AFT 60TNR For 0.75-1.25mm 60 mm
ENDO AFT 45PLR Purple 3/3.5/4mm 45mm
ENDO AFT 60PLR For 1.25-1.75mm 60mm
ENDO AFT 45BKR Black 4/4.5/5mm 45 mm 15mm
ENDO AFT 60BKR For 1.75-2.2 60 mm