Surgical Staplers

Circular Stapler

  • TILT TOP low profile anvil with pressure release hole.
  • Sharper Circular Knife Blade.
  • Airtight feature allows utility in both OPEN & LAPAROSCOPIC surgery.

Hemorrhoid Stapler

To be applied in surgical treatment of prolapse and hemorrhoids by transanal stapling and resection of prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Features & Benefits

  • Two more staples for EACH circular staple line for better hemostasis.
  • Larger cartridge containing house to accommodate more tissue.

Linear Cutter

  • New Knife Blade with each firing which ensures smooth, precise and safe cutting performance while reducing the possibility of tumor metastasis.
  • Tissue Gap control Mechanism ensures consistent staple formation from the proximal end to the distal end.
  • Longer Staple line than cutting edge, prevents blood leakage.
  • Double side firing knob which can be fired from either side.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter

  • Rotating Cartridge, more flexible in narrow surgery space.
  • BRAND NEW KNIFE BLADE for each single use loading unit (SULU) to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reduces tissue damage.
  • Six Rows of staple lines for tissue and vascular SULUs to maximize the safety of anastomosis and closure.
  • WIDER OPENING for the instrument jaw to allow easy tissue incorporation.
  • 360° Rotation of the shaft for better access in endoscopic surgery.

Linear Stappler

  • Optimized DOMB-BELL ANVIL Pocket provides better staple formation.
  • Two stage closure function allows the reposition of the tissue.
  • CUTTING GUIDE of the instrument facilitates the safe and precise transaction.
  • Smart Handle allows surgeon to identify easily if the stapler has been fired.
  • Longer & slimmer shaft provides better access and visibility, facilitating TME and LAR surgeries with the reduction of cost.
  • Automatic or manual pin placement for ease of use.